4Humanities@UCLA chapter’s primary mission is to promote humanities scholarship by making humanities research public and accessible.

4Humanities@UCLA’s activities include:

-monthly meetings that include scholarly discussion of the current state of the humanities and advocacy options

-the creation of MiniDocs as a way to publicize humanities projects

-communication and collaboration with other local chapters in participation with 4Humanities events and projects

-contributions to the 4Humanities website through blog posts and article suggestions

Members can contribute to the 4Humanities organization by blogging, keeping an online journal, researching and sharing articles, and/or  GoFundMe fundraising. The overall goal is to use interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration to foster connections among local branch members and outside the community.

MiniDoc Project

UCLA’s local 4Humanities chapter showcases humanities scholarship using a “backpack documentary” system where students engage in the videos making process (filming, interviewing, editing, disseminating) to share humanities research in short, 5-7 minute films. Students opting to create these documentaries undergo a mandatory training session on equipment use and basic editing, organizing the project’s timeline (including scheduling equipment use), and implementing the project. Mini-documentary projects can range from current student research to community projects to the making of the documentary itself.




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