The Changing Humanities

The New Union: A new forum for supporting the arts & humanities

The New Union is a project designed to articulate, discuss, and defend the value of the arts and humanities in their creative and educative elements, by stressing the ways in which they seek to challenge, undermine, critique, satirise, deconstruct, and interrogate the established political order and dominant assumptions of value. Unlike academic journals, we provide […]

Humanities and the Public Good

Starting in 2014, TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) will host a special series of events bringing together leading scholars in the humanities and sciences, and influential figures beyond academia, to consider the role of the humanities in addressing contemporary challenges. The opening event, on 27th January, will be a presentation by Earl […]

Michael Bérubé’s “The Humanities, Unraveled”: The Ongoing Crisis in Humanities Graduate Education

Michael Bérubé’s moving piece “The Humanities, Unraveled,” published today in The Chronicle of Higher Education, considers the state of graduate education in the humanities. Bérubé describes this state as “a seamless garment of crisis” that makes it “exceptionally difficult to discuss any one aspect of graduate education in isolation.” In a discussion that ranges from […]

Public/Not Public: Making the Humanities Count (UCHRI Panel)

On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 from 5 – 7 pm PST, the University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) will host a panel discussion entitled “Public/Not Public: Making the Humanities Count” on the public university in an era of dwindling public support and the place of the humanities in the university today. The panelists include […]

Why Science Communication Needs the Humanities

Reflecting on the May 2012 National Academy of Science’s Sackler Colloquium, entitled “The Science of Science Communication,” Assistant Professor of Writing Michael Svoboda argues in a post for the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media that the humanities have an important role to play in communicating climate science. This role, which Svoboda emphasizes […]