4Humanities Local Chapters

4Humanities local chapters are the strong “nodes” of the international 4Humanities initiative. They organize humanities advocacy communities, projects, research, and events at their local institutions. They act in concert on regional meetings and initiative-wide shared projects. They are the villages meant in the expression “it takes a village” when new media creates what Marshall McLuhan called the “global village.”

See how you can start a local chapter. (Please contact 4Humanities if you think you would like to organize people in your institution around the cause of the humanities in a way that would benefit from joining our international collective!

Currently, 4Humanities has local chapters at Auburn U., California State U., Northridge (CSUN), McGill U., NY6 (New York 6 Consortium of Liberal Arts Schools — Colgate U., Hamilton C., Hobart and William Smith C., Skidmore C., St. Lawrence U., and Union C.), U. California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), U. California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Another local chapter is 4Hum@DHMakerBus, a semi-nomadic chapter based in London, Canada, that travels on the DHMakerBus to facilitate 4Humanities and other events at localities and conferences across North America.

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Local Chapters of the 4Humanities Collective

There’s strength in numbers and much to be gained in pooling energy and resources for promoting humanities scholarship and teaching. At the same time, there can be local circumstances that may benefit from a more local and customized approach, especially when physical proximity allows for face-to-face meetings. The local chapters of 4Humanities are intended to […]


UCLA’s local 4Humanities chapter showcases humanities scholarship using a “backpack documentary” system where students engage in the videos making process (filming, interviewing, editing, disseminating) to share humanities research in short, 5-7 minute films. Students opting to create these documentaries undergo a mandatory training session on equipment use and basic editing, organizing the project’s timeline (including scheduling equipment use), and implementing the project. Mini-documentary projects can range from current student research to community projects to the making of the documentary itself.

NY6Think Tank Leaders to Meet on Friday, Oct. 17th, 2014

The NY6Think Tank Leaders—Katherine Walker (Hobart and William Smith), Michael Arnush and Janet Sorensen (Skidmore), Georgia Frank (Colgate), Mary Jane Smith (St. Lawrence), Brent Plate and Barbara Gold (Hamilton) and Christine Henseler (Union)–will be gathering for a 3-hour meeting on Friday, October 17th, at the beautiful, Union College owned Adirondack Center. Their goal is to […]

DHSoCal 4Humanities Research Workshop (CSUN, May 16, 2014)

Members of the local chapters of 4Humanities at UCSB and UCLA will join the chapter at CSUN (California State University, Northridge) for Southern California’s annual, day-long 4Humanities DHSoCal research workshop. (Last year, 4Humanities@UCSB hosted the meeting at UC Santa Barbara.) The workshop’s agenda this year focuses on the 4Humanities “WhatEvery1Says” project, but will also include […]

4Humanities@UCSB Meeting (Nov. 7, 2013)

4Humanities@UCSB will hold its initial meeting of the 2013-14 academic year on Thursday, November 7th (noon – 1:30, South Hall 2509). Continuing and new participants in the group are invited to come discuss the important recent report titled “The Heart of the Matter” (summary [PDF]) (full report [PDF]) which the American Academy of Arts & […]

4Humanities@UCSB Spring Charrette: Friday, April 26, 2013, 12-5 pm, SH 2509

Following up on 4Humanities@UCSB’s previous meetings, when we started humanities advocacy projects and strategized humanities values and media strategies, we invite anyone interested in helping to a “charrette” (a roll-up-your sleeves workshop) on Friday, April 26th, noon-5pm (or any part of that time you can make it) in South Hall 2509. We’re pleased to say […]