4Humanities@AU will function as a local traditional discussion/study group on topics related to the humanities and advocacy of the humanities and as an active member of the international 4Humanities Collective. As a local chapter, 4Humanities@AU will meet periodically during the academic year to hold public workshops and brainstorming sessions and to discuss readings on pertinent topics; some of the initial meetings will be also dedicated to the structure of the group, the website and the production of specific local projects to contribute to advocacy. At least one of the meetings during the academic year will be dedicated to conferencing with other affiliate institutions of the broader 4Humanities Collective. Every year, the chapter will also host one face-to-face colloquium with a keynote guest on humanities or digital humanities.

  • 4Humanities@AU Convenor: Giovanna Summerfield (Italian and French, AU and Associate Dean for Educational Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts, AU)
  • Research Assistant & Graduate Student Coordinator: Melani Landerfelt

4Humanities@AU Meetings

  • FIRST MEETING 21 Jan 3:00 pm 310 Tichenor Hall

Digital Resources

  • CLA Careers Video


Contact: summegi@auburn.edu