4Humanities Logo About — 4Humanities is an advocacy initiative for the humanities focused on placing the value of the humanities before the public. We draw in particular on the expertise of the international digital humanities community. Digital methods now play a key role in showing why the humanities must be part of any vision of a future society. Advocacy viewpoints, projects, and research by 4Humanities and its local chapters use today’s means to shout out for the humanities. (More on our mission….)

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  1. i would like very much if you make a newsletter of the usual type: every x days, the subscriber receives an email message listing the new contributions published on the site; each one with some lines from the contribution and a link to go there directly.
    and it would be also welcomed some type of rss feed.
    with tanks

  2. Yes, for those of us who are not regular users of twitter, an email every month would be just fantastic!
    Thanks for doing this wonderful, very important work.

  3. I would love to receive an email notification of any news related to this site and excellent hub for the Humanities!

    I am not on twitter, but I check and work with emails all the time.

    I am a Professor of World Literature at Massachusetts College of Arts and Design. Very interested in digital Humanities, and the intersections of literature, cultural studies and Design.

    Thank you!


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