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The Humanities We Are For

David Theo Goldberg and Wendy Brown organized a forum on “The University We Are For” at UC Berkeley in November, 2010. A version was also put on at UC Irvine (see the embedded video above.) James Clifford talked about the Greater Humanities at the Berkeley event concluding, I’m urging that we keep our eye on […]

Universities in Crisis: Social Sciences respond

It is useful to see how the social sciences are responding to cuts and changes. The International Sociological Association (ISA) has a blog titled, Universities in Crisis. The blog has reports from different countries so you can see what is happening in a place like Italy. They have videos from sociologists around the world and […]

Scotland: Stoppard fights cuts to languages at Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is talking about closing down many of its modern language programs to save money. This has people like Tom Stoppard sending letters to the Education Secretary and students protesting. The Guardian quotes Robin Perkins who is completing a degree in Portuguese as saying, “They are failing to understand how much modern […]

CFHSS: The humanities paradox: more relevant and less visible than ever?

The Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS) is putting on its first annual conference and the subjecft is The humanities paradox: more relevant and less visible than ever?. The CFHSS is a federation of scholarly associations across the humanities and social sciences like the Society for Digital Humanities (SDH/SEMI) which is our […]

Project Humanities at Arizona State University

While at other universities the humanities are under attack, at Arizona State University they have launched a year-long Project Humanities. For more on the project see the interview with the Dean of Humanties, Live Talk: Neal Lester. To the question about the message behind the year-long celebration he says, Project Humanities raises awareness about the […]

Public Research Competition 2011 at the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is running an innovative graduate student competition for ideas and strategies for communicating Arts (Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine/Performing Arts) research to the public. See Public Research Competition 2011 – Faculty of Arts – University of Alberta. The idea is that graduate students get a limited amount of time to pitch […]

Insider Higher Ed: Views: Sorry

Stephen Brockmann has penned an essay for Inside Higher Ed titled Sorry which looks back on the “culture wars” and how the humanities was replaced by vocational programmes while we were arguing over the canon. The battle between self-identified conservatives and progressives in the 1980s seems increasingly like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. […]