Christopher Watts, What does it mean to be alive in the digital age?: “The Zombies Are Already Among Us”

Christopher Watts, from St. Lawrence University, created the following video for a New York Six event. The premise of the talk creatively explores how the obsession with quantifying information without qualitative considerations can lower the bar for what it means to be alive.


NY6 Think Tank Fellow, Danielle Iwata, from Colgate University launches her Blog. This blog will feature profiles of students, professors, and alumni who have been involved with dance in an effort to encourage others to consider dance in a more serious light. It will also display photographs and videos from my work with the Colgate Dance Initiative, which aim to showcase the talent and passion of students on campus, with the hopes that we can garner a greater appreciation for our art.

New York Six students describe their projects on the value of the arts and humanities

Twelve New York Six students have received fellowships from the NY6 Think Tank for the Arts and Humanities to pursue projects that demonstrate the value of the arts and humanities. The selected projects include a Flickr and Instagram campaign to explore the intersection of the arts and social justice, a project on the use of writing and narrative in health and medicine, and the creation of a campaign called The ABCs of Being a Student.