Donna Davenport and Katherine Walker / NY6 Think Tank, “A Duet from the Humanities: Music and Dance Voices”

With Donna dancing and Katherine making music, the following duet presents a bi-disciplinary reflection on the complexity of the performing arts in higher education and their connection to the Humanities as a way of thinking, studying, and experiencing the world. But first we take a peek backstage. STAGE PREP As if art were ice cream, […]

Why Should Undergrads Major in the Humanities? A Couple of Cartoons Offer Advice

Cartoon characters Libby and Art are now defending the humanities on Twitter @SmartColleges against complaints that humanities degrees do not offer stable employment. “Libby” is an auburn-haired student who juggles several books and a backpack slung to one shoulder and Art is a college counselor who wears framed glasses and a tweed jacket with elbow patches.

Paul Jay’s The Humanities “Crisis” and the Future of Literary Studies

Newly published from Palgrave Macmillan is Paul Jay’s The Humanities “Crisis” and the Future of Literary Studies. Jay, who is Professor of English and a Fellow at the Center for Interdisciplinary Thinking at Loyola University Chicago, examines in the book recent debates about the role of the humanities in higher education. As he describes, I […]

Christine Henseler, “Minecraft Anyone? Encouraging A New Generation of Computer Scientists and Humanists”

« A Humanities, Plain & Simple Post » Note: This post originally appeared in The Huffington Post. Does your son or daughter play Minecraft? And do you stand before that screen wondering what it’s all about, and how it’s possible that your kid doesn’t get dizzy from moving around this blocky world so quickly? Do […]