The Humanities Are Closer Than You Think

A Project of the “Making the Humanities Public” Undergraduate Collaborative Research Group

Sponsored by the UC Santa Barbara English Department and affiliated with

Project Team: Claire Lowinger-Iverson, Francisco Olvera, Noelle Leong

Our project demonstrates how the humanities are inherently present within everyday life in ways we usually take for granted. We created digital and print posters of figures of society that have a humanities foundation, whether it be in K-12, private, or collegiate education. (All images from open-source resources.)

(Click for high-quality, printable PDFs)
Laverne Cox Donald Glover
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Michelle Obama
Sonia Sotamayor Franklin D. Roosevelt
George Takei Emma Watson













Sources for images used in posters:

Emma Watson Photo – source is “David Shankbone”, we must attribute
Donald Glover Photo- taken by NASA, in public domain, no sourcing required
Michelle Obama Photo – Official white house photo, in public domain, no sourcing required
Sonia Sotomayor Photo – taken by US Government, in public domain, no sourcing required
Chimamanda Ngozi Photo – attribute to John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
George Takei Photo- attribute to Alex Lozupone
Laverne Cox Photo – attribute to author Dominck D, link to flickr:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Photo – in public domain