“Humanities Matter” Petition in the U.K.

An initiative in the United Kingdom launches a petition drive to urge the British government, now planning to cut government funding to higher education by 80%, to recognize that the humanities and social sciences are a public good.

Humanities Matter web siteWithout a serious commitment to the Humanities and Social Sciences, our society will lack a serious commitment to democracy at home and cooperation abroad.

We are a group of academics, students and business people who are campaigning for recognition of the humanities and social sciences as an invaluable public good that should not be abandoned to market forces. If you agree, please sign our petition at the link to the right.

The recent debate about university funding has emphasised knowledge over understanding and employability over education (especially in the Browne report). But however you see the role of higher education, the Humanities and the Social Sciences still matter. (Read full statement on “Humanities Matter” site and access online petition)

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