Students protest tuition increases around the world

Students are protesting tuition fees around the world. The Guardian reports on the third day of tuition fee hike protests in the UK, Student protesters ignore winter freeze with mass rallies against tuition fees. In Italy students protested the proposed education reforms in more than one city, and in California The New York Times reports that California Students Protest Education Cuts.

The Guardian also has a story on how a Tuition fees study challenges claim that changes are progressive. Thus study contradicts what the claim by the government that the changes are progressive:

The “triple whammy” of higher fees, real interest rates for loans and a longer period before the debt is written off is likely to represent a bad deal for taxpayers, argues million+, a university lobby group. The changes will leave between 60% and 65% of graduates worse off, with middle-income earners hit the hardest, it says.

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