4Humanities@UCSB Meeting 5

Project Planning

February 27 and March 12, 2012 (South Hall 2509)

At our last meeting, we reached the stage of discussing possible projects. So far, about ten project ideas have emerged. You can also add more by emailing your idea to Lindsay (lindsaythomas AT umail.ucsb.edu). Our next step is now to winnow down the possibilities among those already generated (and any new ideas) by getting a sense of who might be interested in working on which projects. We’ll do this online so that we will in position by the start of our next meeting to discuss priorities and form up several project teams of about 2 to 5 people each. In particular, we’ll do this by using a PBWorks wiki where we have just set up a “Project Planning Board” page listing the project ideas (http://4humanitiesucsb.pbworks.com/w/page/50559819/Project%20Planning%20Board).

You should have received an email inviting you to login to the wiki for 4humanitiesucsb. Please go there as soon as you can to indicate which projects you might be interested in working on–to whatever extent you can–as part of a team.

NOTE: Instructions for how to indicate your interest are on the Project Planning Board page on the wiki. The wiki is really easy to use! Just click on the “EDIT” tab and type; then “SAVE.” Feel free also to annotate or add to the project descriptions.

We are hoping to set two dates for this meeting: one date in late February to begin organizing some of the projects that clearly emerge as popular, and then another date in March to follow-up with other projects. We’re also aware that it is impossible to set a meeting time when everyone can come. Please come to whichever meeting you can, for however long you can. The train will only slowly be pulling out of the station; so everyone will have a chance to hop aboard as we begin working on projects.

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