Call for “Humanities, Plain & Simple” Contributions

Dear Friends of the Humanities,

Please consider contributing to an exciting 4Humanities campaign called “Humanities, Plain and Simple,”. This is a comprehensive and targeted project that calls out to individuals and groups inside and outside of academia to write statements, create short videos or audio recordings, produce eloquent photographs or drawings as to why the Humanities matter. How has humanities-based thinking directly or indirectly altered or innovated your strategies, ideas, research, leadership, learning?

Please take a moment to send me your thoughts on why the Humanities matter to you. Your piece may be of a serious or sarcastic nature; it may be of a few short paragraphs or of several pages; it may address the effects of a particular experience or talk about the Humanities as a whole. The only request is for writers to communicate in the language of everyday life and to address a general audience.

I look forward to receiving your advocacy statement for possible posting on the 4Humanities website. You can send it to: And for inspiration, feel free to check out some examples of statements already posted on the site.

Thank you for for participating in this initiative and spreading the word.

Christine Henseler
Director, 4Humanities “Humanities, Plain and Simple” Initiative
Associate Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Union College

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