Digital Humanities Newsletter from DHi at Hamilton College

Ever been curious about what actually happens as part of The Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) @ Hamilton College? Want to hear what students have to say about it?

The first video newsletter, written and produced entirely by DHi student interns and researchers, is finally done and uploaded to YouTube!

The video link is

We look forward to you joining us at our next public event!

DHi Student Interns, Researchers & Fellows

About Janet Simons

Janet Thomas Simons co-directs the Digital Humanities initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College with Angel David Nieves. Her responsibilities include oversight and direction of the daily activities of the DHi to develop a collaborative community in which creativity, technology, and innovation lead to new methods of research, learning, and publication. This includes strategic planning in the use of technology, collaboration on grant proposals and budgets, management and communication of DHi projects, and creation of direct connections between DHi projects and the curriculum. She is engaged in faculty outreach and development; course design; identification and research of technologies appropriate to research projects and learning goals; and coordination of academic support services to meet teaching, learning, and research needs. Janet's most recent activities include research and development of sustainable digital scholarship infrastructure and models for support of digital humanities research projects at liberal arts institutions. Janet has presented regionally and nationally on: digital humanities, learning design, collaboration, media scholarship, and models for digital scholarship including presentations at EDUCAUSE's national conference; NERCOMP's annual conference and SIG events; ELI's annual conference; and NITLE's annual IT Leaders and Summit conferences. Janet has co-authored articles in Academic Commons, the Journal of Political Science Education, and in Educause Quarterly on the NITLE-funded Media Scholarship in the Liberal Arts project with Colgate and St. Lawrence Universities. Janet holds an M.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Prior to coming to Hamilton College ten years ago, she taught undergraduate biology courses at the University of New Orleans.

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