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Last month, the University College London (UCL) Center for the Digital Humanities and 4Humanities released The Humanities Matter!, an infographic of statistics and arguments for the humanities (see the original post here, and download the PDF here). We now have about 100 extra print copies of the infographic, and we want to send them to you! For free! If you would like to receive a copy, simply add your name to our mailing list using this form: First come, first serve – don’t be shy!

The Humanities Matter! Infographic

6 thoughts on “Add Your Name to “The Humanities Matter!” Mailing List

  1. I’m a doctoral candidate and instructor with the English Dept at the University of New Hampshire. Would love to have one of these for the department!

  2. Still a poster left? just came back from holidays…

    Prod. Claudine Moulin
    Universtaet Trier
    FB II / Trier Center for Digital Humanities
    D-54286 Trier

  3. Please! Before the NY Times strikes again . ?

    Lisa Hermsen
    COLA Rochester Institute of Technology
    Rochester, NY 14623

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