StuHum: Student Advocates for the Future of the Humanities

StuHum, or Student Advocates for the Future of the Humanities, is a new humanities advocacy group for students, by students. StuHum believes that the answer to the question of whether the humanities will have a place in the standard higher education curriculum of the 21st century lies in the hands of current students. StuHum’s mission is to ensure a future for the humanities in higher education across the globe.

Through reaching out to other students using social media, short video and articles, StuHum believes that students can help communicate the importance of the humanities in higher education and its role in ensuring a vibrant future on both an individual and a societal level. By engaging with and connecting to fellow students online, students have the power to lay down the foundations for this crucial and timely discussion on university campuses. Ultimately, today’s students will be responsible to influence popular opinion and to guarantee a future for the humanities.

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  1. Very good use of the social network technology in education system. The important part of the system is implementation, how to work out the procedures on certain level of engagement.

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