DHSoCal 4Humanities Research Workshop (CSUN, May 16, 2014)

Members of the local chapters of 4Humanities at UCSB and UCLA will join the chapter at CSUN (California State University, Northridge) for Southern California’s annual, day-long 4Humanities DHSoCal research workshop. (Last year, 4Humanities@UCSB hosted the meeting at UC Santa Barbara.) The workshop’s agenda this year focuses on the 4Humanities “WhatEvery1Says” project, but will also include planning for shared digital 4Humanities projects, grant applications, and presentations of digital-humanities projects. For the “WhatEvery1Says” project, members of the UCSB group will brief the meeting on the state of the project so far and collaborate on the technical and hermeneutic issues involved in next-stage work on the project, including methods of systematic corpus collection, automating workflow for various stages of topic modeling, and the interpretation (and visualization) of the results of topic modeling. We will also discuss future dissemination outcomes, including possible co-authored articles and online materials.

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