Take a Survey on Perceptions of “Public Humanities” at Your Institution

The Public Humanities Group affiliated with the Consortium of Humanities Centers and  Institutes (CHCI) seeks respondents from higher-education institutions for an online survey gauging contemporary perspectives about the “public humanities.”  The  questionnaire (designed to take between 10 and 15 minutes) inquires into how important the public humanities are at various institutions; what kinds of activities faculty members think contribute to the public humanities; the percentage of time that educators spend on such activities; and the impact educators believe various public humanities activities and media outlets have.  Free-form fields in the survey also allow respondents to volunteer additional issues and perspectives.

The responses will inform a workshop on the public humanities at the Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto during the summer of 2015. Any volunteered information revealing the identity of a respondent  will not be shared without consent.  (The survey was created for the CHCI Public Humanities Group by the Office of Digital Humanities at Brigham Young University.)

Take the CHCI Public Humanities Group Survey

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