The Arts & Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace Launches New Volunteer Program

The Arts & Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace advocacy initiative is launching a new Volunteer Program. If you are interested in becoming an AH21CW Volunteer and adding your voice to the international conversation on the applicability of the Arts and Humanities to any professional field, consider participating in this program.

The Arts & Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace is an international initiative that invites readers to discover that deep and thoughtful learning in literature, art, classics, history, philosophy, languages, music, theatre, and more, has lasting and positive effects on a person’s professional life and future. For instance, readers might discover the impact of an education in Philosophy on a career in Silicon Valley; the benefits of a degree in English toward the discovery of Mars; or the power of music conducting toward the field of business.

If you have interest or experience in this topic and you would like to be part of an ever-growing community of advocacy activists who publish on this site, send me an email outlining your possible project ideas. Volunteers contribute at least three pieces a year toward this site — through the writing of blogs, the conducting of  interviews, the creation of videos or podcasts, the sharing of extracts or quotes, among other materials of your choosing.

All individuals and ideas are welcome.

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