Call for Research Assistants

Hiring Research Assistants, anyone interested in identifying contributors to a book project edited by Christine Henseler called How Extraordinary Partnerships with the Arts and Humanities are Transforming the Way We Think, Work and Live.

Assistants will be paid $500.- for 40 hours of work to identify case studies in athletics, armed services, the world of finance, professional schools in general, and other examples that enhance the goal of the book. Working hours are flexible and can be stretched out until the beginning of December, 2016. All communication will take place via e-mail. Assistants must reside in the United States.

About the Book:

The goal of Extraordinary Partnerships is to change the conversation about the humanities “crisis” to one about how the humanities are interwoven deeply in creative thought and practice in today’s society. It asks, how do individuals, organizations and businesses apply artistic or humanistic principles? And what extraordinary partnerships, especially from fields not traditionally associated with the arts and humanities, like science and mathematics or business and athletics, are allowing us to challenge assumptions, ask new or revised questions, disrupt old practices and ways of thinking, and create alternative paths, structures, and opportunities?

If you are interested, please contact Christine Henseler (

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