Printable “The Humanities Matter!” Infographic

In 2013, the University College London (UCL) Centre for Digital Humanities–in collaboration with 4Humanities–created an award-winning The Humanities Matter! infographic with statistics and arguments for the humanities in high-impact visual form. Instead of worn out sayings and factually ungrounded criticisms, The Humanities Matter! draws on published statistics and a crowdsourced poll to give a shout out to the humanities in sections on “What the Humanities Do,” “But the Evidence Shows,” and “Culture is Important.”

The digital version of The Humanities Matter! is a large, vertical-format banner available as a PDF file. Over the past several years, we’ve mailed out The Humanities Matter! banner to newspapers and magazines, national councils and commissions, public and private funding agencies, humanities centers and programs, and digital humanities associations and programs around the world.

…and then our pile of professionally printed banners ran out.

So we created a printable, 8.5×11 version of the banner due to popular request.

You can download our printable The Humanities Matter! infographic here:

Humanities Matter Infographic 8.5×11


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