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The Entrepreneurial Humanities
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Edited by Alain-Philippe Durand
and Christine Henseler

Call for Essays

When the general public hears the word “entrepreneurship” and reads articles and magazines that sell us on the “100 Most Entrepreneurial People in __________ (fill in the blank),” they usually think of new business models and products in technology and the sciences. “Entrepreneurship” is rarely driven by conversations centered on the arts and humanities. To build a better society post COVID-19, it is time we take back the siloing of “entrepreneurship” in the STEM fields and call attention to the significant role played by the arts and humanities to innovate and affect concrete change in profit and non-profit sectors.

The Entrepreneurial Humanities will feature fresh and electrifying essays and interviews by individuals, groups, and collectives from around the world who, directly or indirectly, apply the knowledge and skills learned through arts and humanities disciplines (conceived of broadly) to create change and economic or other value.

We are looking for essays of any length and narrative approach by professionals working in fields as diverse as game design, fashion design, urban planning, youth education, finance, healthcare, law, data analytics, the automotive industry, sustainability, marine conservation, engineering, intelligence, human rights, and more. What role does storytelling, language and culture, movement and music, visual art and design, ethics or history play in these fields?

We invite inquiries and contributions (essays, interviews) that discuss entrepreneurial humanities in any setting. We highly encourage potential contributors to submit a short abstract/inquiry by email by May 7, 2021. Completed manuscripts will be due on January 14, 2022.

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Alain-Philippe Durand, University of Arizona (

Alain-Philippe Durand is Dean of the College of Humanities, Professor of French and Applied Intercultural Arts Research, and affiliated faculty in Africana Studies, Latin American Studies and LGBT Studies at the University of Arizona. His research interests include French and Brazilian literatures and cultures, French Cinema, Hip-Hop, and the promotion of the Humanities disciplines in the professions. He is the author and editor of five books as well as many articles and chapters. He serves as Associate Editor of Contemporary French Civilization and on the boards of AZ Humanities and American College of the Mediterranean. His most recent edited book is titled Hip-Hop en français. An Exploration of Hip-Hop Culture in the Francophone World.

Christine Henseler, Union College

Christine Henseler is professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies at Union College, NY. She has served as the chair of the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, as the Director of Faculty Development and the Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies, among other administrative positions. Christine is actively engaged in the advocacy of the arts & humanities on national and international fronts. She co-leads 4Humanities and continues to build a website called The Arts & Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace. She was a blogger for the HuffPost and actively publishes public opinion pieces in Inside Higher Ed and other outlets, often in collaboration with colleagues from different fields and professions outside of academia. Her most recent book is titled Extraordinary Partnerships: How the Arts and Humanities are Transforming America.

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