Students interviewing students in "Arts and Humanities -- What Are They?" video

Arts and Humanities — What Are They? (Students Asking Students)

In fall 2022, students in Professor Christine Henseler’s sophomore research seminar at Union College on “Arts and Humanities: Don’t Leave College Without Them” created for their final project a Shout Out for the Humanities campaign in the shape of essays, infographics, or other public-facing narratives. One creative group of students (branding themselves STC Productions) produced a video montage in which they gauged students’ understanding of the meaning of the arts and humanities. They stopped fellow students all around campus and asked, “what’s the humanities?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What they found out is worth a look! (See also previous projects by or about students on the site, including the videos in the 4Humanities Backpack Mini-Documentaries and the winning entries, including a music video, of the Shout Out for the Humanities! contest.)

STC Productions

  • Claire Schroder (Director, Writer and Research)
  • Cray Case (Director, Film and Editor)
  • Sophie Matsoukas (Director, Writer and Research)
  • Tom Richter (Director, Actor and Writer)

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