4Humanities@UCSB Planning Board

Notes for Handoff Meeting, June 10, 2014

(transitioning from Lindsay Thomas to Ashley Champagne as lead Transcriptions RA)

Tasks coming up for the year:

  • Web Sites (Editing/Maintenance)

  • 4Hum@UCSB listserv
    • list email address: 4humanitiesrfg.english@mail.lsit.ucsb.edu
    • Admin site
  • Writing Posts
    • Informational posts on various topics — e.g.:
    • Opinion / advocatory posts
  • RFG Meeting Organization &  RFG Administration

    • Upcoming ideas for general meetings:
      • “The Humanities in the Sciences, and the Sciences in the Humanities.”  This forum will buck the usual starting premise that the STEM and humanities disciplines are fundamentally different and instead focus on both past and present ways in which each set of disciplines enfolds within itself aspects of the other.  We hope to recruit as participants local and at least one extramural discussant/speaker representing the fields involved (including also the history of science or science-technology studies). The reading list for the event will include as its inspirational epigraph the NEH’s 2014 Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities by Walter Isaacson on “The Intersection of the Humanities and the Sciences” (http://www.neh.gov/about/awards/jefferson-lecture/walter-isaacson-lecture).
      • “The Humanities and the Media.”  Partly on the basis of the preliminary results of its analysis of the WhatEvery1Says corpus of public discourse about the humanities (including many documents from general-audience magazines, newspapers, and blogs), this forum will explore the past and present relation between the academic humanities and the media industry, focusing especially on the way each domain perceives the other, their shared and differing themes / vocabularies, etc.  While the forum will begin on the topic of  journalistic media, a possible extension of the subject is the way the humanities are presented in film and fiction.  We hope to recruit at least one extramural representative of media to participate.
      • Social Media and the Humanities (?)
    • Upcoming project meetings: WhatEvery1Says meetings
    • Processing of paperwork for expenses, etc.
  • WhatEvery1Says Project
    • Summer work: Workflow C
    • Scott Kleinman to convene with 4Hum@CSUN group in late summer; UCLA group to form in summer (Miriam Posner, April Trask, Kristin Cornelius); Skype meeting in fall to plan grant proposal
  • Social media and other future initiatives (?)
    • @4Hum Twitter posts
    • Social media strategy for projects
    • Crowdfunding experiment?

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