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Course director of the #citylis Library and Information Science PG scheme and Lecturer in Library Science, City University London. Editor in chief of The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship. Affiliated member of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. My research interests include LIS, digital humanities, comics scholarship, scholarly communications, open access, open data and open educational resources.

Geopolitical Diversity in Digital Humanities: An Interview with Isabel Galina Russell

Ernesto Priego interviews Isabel Galina Russell in anticipation of her UCLDH Seminar Series talk “Geopolitical diversity in Digital Humanities: how can we make it happen?”, on Friday 9 October 2015.

Diversidad y experiencia: Una entrevista con Daniel O’Donnell

Julia Maciel translates into Spanish an abridged version of Ernesto Priego’s interview with Daniel O’Donnell about the Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities project. Traducción de Julia Maciel de la entrevista con Daniel O’Donnell.

Global Perspectives: Interview with Alex Gil

[Para una versión en español de esta entrevista, favor de hacer clic]. Ernesto Priego: Can you describe who you are and what you do? Alex Gil: I am @elotroalex, the other Alex. I take to heart Sartre’s admonition that we are nothing and add Borges’ insight that we are someone other to the world. Columbia […]