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Local Chapters of the 4Humanities Collective

There’s strength in numbers and much to be gained in pooling energy and resources for promoting humanities scholarship and teaching. At the same time, there can be local circumstances that may benefit from a more local and customized approach, especially when physical proximity allows for face-to-face meetings. The local chapters of 4Humanities are intended to […]

Digital Humanities Video Showcase

Below is a small set of videos showcasing some research happening in the Digital Humanities. The videos were initially compiled to provide a sampling of Digital Humanities work – they were shown during the CHCI/centerNET meeting in June 2011. We would be delighted to add more videos to this collection. Please contact us if you’re […]

Editing the Gallery

The galleries are powered by the ContentFlow Javascript library, with the addition of  the slideshow and stack addons. On most pages the gallery will appear in a compact format at the top of the right column of widgets. Click on the “Showcase” link will bring the user to the main showcase page where a larger […]