For Developers


This branch of the 4Humanities site is a staging ground for collaboration among digital humanists willing to contribute to “powering advocacy of the humanities” through their special expertise. Included here is the current work plan and task sheet for the site, with room for contributors to volunteer their help.

Task Sheet

The following checklist of 4Humanities tasks and volunteers (including volunteers for both technical and content tasks) is organized roughly according to the 4Humanities web site structure. If you are already a member of the 4Humanities collective and have “editor” permissions on the site, please volunteer for indicated tasks or add/revise tasks. If you are not […]

Edits for the new theme

In order for the new theme to function correctly, two edits have been made, both on header.php: The Header image uses an absolute URL to ensure it displays on all pages. The same is true for the home link from the image. Should the site ever move to a new server those URLs will need […]

Editing the Gallery

The galleries are powered by the ContentFlow Javascript library, with the addition of  the slideshow and stack addons. On most pages the gallery will appear in a compact format at the top of the right column of widgets. Click on the “Showcase” link will bring the user to the main showcase page where a larger […]