4Humanities Advocacy Projects

4Humanities and its local chapters are at work on a variety of projects to create advocacy for the humanities and also to develop innovative research and materials to help drive such advocacy. Current ongoing projects include:

* “Shout Out for the Humanities” Student Prize Contest

* Humanities, Plain & Simple Initiative

* Backpack Mini-Documentaries

* Humanities Infographics

* Arts & Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace

* Humanities Showcase

* WhatEvery1OneSays Research Project

An Interview with Dr. Timothy Kircher of Humanities Watch, a new humanities advocacy site

Humanities Watch, a new humanities advocacy site, explores how the humanities influence business, healthcare, science and technology. It poses questions, seeking to explore the broad impact of the humanities in our world. I caught up with Timothy Kircher, Founder and Editor of Humanities Watch over email to ask him some questions about the site.

Collage of "Shout Out for the Humanities" 1st Prize Winners

Winners of the 4Humanities Student Prize Contest

4Humanities is proud to announce the winners for its “Shout Out for the Humanities” student prize contest. Congratulations on the winners and to the honorable mentions. Thanks also to all the other students and teams who made submissions, many of which were inspiring, creative, eloquent, and moving. Over the coming weeks and months, 4Humanities will showcase and publicize the submissions of the contest winners, honorable mentions, and selected other submissions. See press release. (Go to full descriptions and links for Undergraduate winners | Graduate-student winners)

Undergraduate Winners & Honorable Mentions

Graduate Student Winners & Honorable Mentions

Reflection of NY6 Event, “Don’t Leave School Without It: Millennial Innovators Speak For the Role of the Arts & Humanities in the Transformation of Society

Arts and Humanities: Don’t Leave School Without Them. This is not the advice most-often heard among college students. We all know not to leave school without a plan, a skill-set, a career path, but without the Arts and Humanities? Why not? This half-day, interactive conference and workshop addressed this question, and explored the hidden, essential value of the Arts and Humanities to our contemporary society.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Welcoming students, community members, scholars, and professionals from all fields and disciplines

This edited volume seeks to shift national conversations about the “crisis” in the arts and humanities to one that bespeaks of “rise” and “renaissance.” Toward this goal, writers are encouraged to portrait thinkers and doers of our time (in the US)—individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and fields not traditionally associated with the arts and humanities, like science and mathematics—who are transforming the way we think, live, and work. Who are they? How do they apply artistic or humanistic principles? And what extraordinary partnerships are allowing them to challenge assumptions, ask new or revised questions, disrupt old practices and ways of thinking, and create alternative paths, structures, and opportunities?

Shout Out for the Humanities

Stay Tuned For Winners of the “Shout Out For the Humanities” Contest

Thanks to all the students who submitted entries for the 4Humanities.org “Shout Out for the Humanities” prize contest, and thanks for their patience in awaiting results! While it took longer than 4humanities expected, the contest judges are now almost done with their second, final round of evaluations of the submissions. 4Humanities will be able to announce the winners by the first week of June 2016.