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Collage of "Shout Out for the Humanities" Undergraduate 1st Prize Winner

Undergraduate 1st Prize Winner: Student Team of The Gail Project — “Do You Have a Passport?”

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Spotlight on undergraduate team of the U. California Santa Cruz Gail Project. Powerful example of the humanities in action!

1st Prize Winner of “Shout Out for the Humanities” Contest: Undergraduate Team of The Gail Project
B.A. students in History, Anthropology, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Art, Linguistics, Politics, and East Asian Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz — Lead author of submission: Stella Fronius. Other team members: Nick Bass, Beau Dibble, Sarah “Ella” Goldberg, Jack Goldman, Jessie Haupt, Anu Korada, Alexyss McClellan, Sam McRobert, Robert Potmesil, Jaime Quiros, Allison Sharp, Tyler Spencer, Matt Ray, Shanley Sullivan, Jackson Zeman (Go to full post)