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4Hum@UCSB Meeting – “What Every1Says” Project (continued) (Feb. 18, 2014)

4Humanities@UCSB’s activities for Winter quarter 2014 start with a meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 3:30-5:00 (South Hall 2509) focused on starting work on the 4Humanities@UCSB “WhatEvery1Says” text-harvesting and topic modeling project. The mission of the project is corpora-scale digital text analysis of public discourse about the humanities. We want to look for things we don’t […]

Ideas for Framing the Humanities

Reframing Ideas (new ways to name, describe, and position the humanities for public impact) [Please write or edit in whatever way you wish below, identifying yourself as the author of a contribution or comment. If this post grows too untidy in formatting, one of the site editors will clean things up as needed.] Please note […]

Produce and Recruit Content for “Humanities, Plain & Simple” Project

Draft Posts for “Humanities, Plain & Simple” Initiative Directed by Christine Henseler » Sample post [Since these are only drafts for future posts, please feel free to start incomplete posts, add annotations, etc. For example, you could identify the core values, frames, language, or audience that underlie the post.] Please note that this post is […]