Student Voices

Advocates for the humanities aren’t just today’s leaders of universities, business, science, government, media, entertainment, and so on. They are also students and younger people—the leaders of tomorrow who, though still uncertain of their path, are sure they want to encounter on that path the passion, richness, and balance that the humanities offer for what the ancients called “the good life.”

4Humanities is proud to feature the voices of students speaking up for the humanities. (4Humanities is an affiliate of StuHum: Student Advocates for the Future of the Humanities.)

Can you fill your sandwich with Dante? Some reflections after the Italian universities’ “reform”

By Domenico Fiormonte, University of Roma Tre, 4Humanities International Correspondent On December 14th, 2010, students from all over Italy filled the streets of major cities protesting – and, in Rome, rioting – against a new University Reform bill, the third in ten years and one that endangers the very existence of one of the largest […]

Current Athens Media Art Events

By Eva Kekou, 4Humanities International Correspondent Despite the economic crisis, a number of media art events are taking place in Athens. Creativity flourishes amidst difficult social and economic changes. It seems a crucial time of transformation is stimulating creativity and collaboration for the first time in Greece. The many events one can mention include Athens […]

Unveiling the New India

By Oeendrila Lahiri, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 4Humanities International Correspondent At a time when advanced countries such as the US and UK are drastically cutting down on education funds and especially attacking humanities, India seems to have managed to keep itself in the good books of all educationists.Why, even Obama cites it as an […]

Scotland: Stoppard fights cuts to languages at Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is talking about closing down many of its modern language programs to save money. This has people like Tom Stoppard sending letters to the Education Secretary and students protesting. The Guardian quotes Robin Perkins who is completing a degree in Portuguese as saying, “They are failing to understand how much modern […]

Public Research Competition 2011 at the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is running an innovative graduate student competition for ideas and strategies for communicating Arts (Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine/Performing Arts) research to the public. See Public Research Competition 2011 – Faculty of Arts – University of Alberta. The idea is that graduate students get a limited amount of time to pitch […]