Student Voices

Advocates for the humanities aren’t just today’s leaders of universities, business, science, government, media, entertainment, and so on. They are also students and younger people—the leaders of tomorrow who, though still uncertain of their path, are sure they want to encounter on that path the passion, richness, and balance that the humanities offer for what the ancients called “the good life.”

4Humanities is proud to feature the voices of students speaking up for the humanities. (4Humanities is an affiliate of StuHum: Student Advocates for the Future of the Humanities.)

Undergraduates Write Manifesto on Digital Humanities

Students in an honors course on “Introduction to Digital Humanities” at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania have written for the Student Voices section of 4Humanities a “Manifesto” on why they “believe that teaching digital humanities to undergraduate students is critically important” for showing “digital natives,” as they call themselves, how to broaden the connection between the […]

“What can undergraduates do with digital media at a liberal arts college?”

Students at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges met in November 2010 for a two-day symposium titled “Re:Humanities”, billed as “of, by, and for undergraduates, featuring innovative digital research.” As Evan McGonagill (Bryn Mawr, 2010) said in introductory remarks, the conference was an attempt to show how the digital humanities could be deliberately applied to undergraduate […]

Students protest tuition increases around the world

Students are protesting tuition fees around the world. The Guardian reports on the third day of tuition fee hike protests in the UK, Student protesters ignore winter freeze with mass rallies against tuition fees. In Italy students protested the proposed education reforms in more than one city, and in California The New York Times reports […]

Brienza and Priego: The Impact of the Budget Cuts in the United Kingdom on Postgraduate Education

Casey Brienza, Ph.D. candidate in the Sociology at the University of Cambridge, and Ernesto Priego, Ph.D. candidate in Information Studies at University College London, assess the impact of the planned higher-education budget cuts in the U.K. on students seeking Ph.D. and other postgraduate degrees Yet lost in this debate is much in the way of […]

Ernesto Priego: “These must be truly apocalyptic times if there is a need to explain why the humanities matter”

These must be truly apocalyptic times if there is a need to explain why the humanities matter. Theodor Adorno’s famous phrase, “no poetry after Auschwitz”, comes to mind, as well as Walter Benjamin’s idea that there was no document of culture that was not as well a document of barbarism. Adorno was a humanist reflecting […]