Retired (Deprecated) Posts


Gathered here is a stockpile of resources to aid in the creation, presentation, and circulation of effective advocacy—including recommendations for online platforms and digital tools, site designs, royalty-free graphics and images, customizable newsfeeds or other dynamic materials, and so on. Initially, “Resources for Advocacy” will be a collection of posts about digital resources. Later, it […]

Backpack Mini-Documentaries

Backpack Mini-Documentaries are short, 5-7 minute documentaries that promote humanities scholarship by giving a narrative voice to the research process. Each mini-doc covers an individual scholar’s or student’s work or depicts an event put on by a student organization or department affiliated with the humanities. Producing short, easy-to-watch films that are accessible to students and […]

Humanities, Plain & Simple

Directed by Christine Henseler, The Humanities, Plain & Simple is a special 4Humanities Project. It is a comprehensive and targeted campaign that calls out to individuals and groups inside and outside of academia to write statements in “plain language” as to why the Humanities matter. How has Humanities-based thinking directly or indirectly altered or innovated […]