Quantifying Digital Humanities

Melissa Terras, Deputy Director of the UCL Centre for the Digital Humanities and 4Humanities coordinator, has gathered some statistics about the digital humanities and turned them into an infographic, which can be found at the UCLDH Flickr account and blog. The infographic shows the present extent of the Digital Humanities, measured according to a variety of metrics, and the growth of the field since 2000. Terras urges anyone who has more statistics to share to contact her via @melissaterras.

One thought on “Quantifying Digital Humanities

  1. A group of European DH scholars has recently launched an independent survey to improve the understanding of our community and try to map out its geographical and linguistic diversity: http://bit.ly/HcrQ4D
    It is evident that the UCL infographic overepresented the Anglo-American presence and did not use sources from other languages than English. I have criticized this approach in my recent Cologne paper:

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