The Future of the Humanities: A Think Tank

Professors Paul Jay, Gerald Graff, and Gregory Jay, authors of the article “Fear of Being Useful,” which appeared in Inside Higher Ed at the beginning of January (profiled here on the 4Humanities site), have started a website called “The Future of the Humanities: A Think Tank.” The website is meant to serve, the authors claim, “as a clearing house of information, and space for debate, about the future of the humanities.” Featuring posts on such issues “as how to re-articulate the value of a humanities education, reform the graduate curriculum, reshape academic publishing, explore alternative careers for students, eliminate unfair labor practices, and mainstream the digital humanities,” the website also includes an “Open Discussion” section and section entitled “Alt-ac? Tell Your Story,” where anyone can join in and contribute to the ongoing conversation. Some of the broader issues the website is tracking include “Defining and Defending the Humanities,” “Innovating the Undergraduate Experience,” and “The Future of Academic Publishing.”

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