“The Heart of the Matter” Visualized

The Heart of the Matter (report cover)“The Heart of the Matter” report by the American Academy of Arts & Science’s Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences was issued to the U.S. Congress and the public in June 2013. The following are various text-analysis visualizations of a plain-text version extracted (and lightly cleaned / prepared) from the original PDF document. (The report’s endnotes, diagrams, citations, and name lists were removed.)

Visualization Set #1 (Voyant Tools and Many Eyes analyses of “The Heart of the Matter”)

Visualization Set #2 (Gephi network analysis of “The Heart of the Matter” in the context of a sample of 13 other documents from the 4Humanities WhatEvery1Says corpus of public statements about the humanities)

Visualization Set #1

Set 1 of the visualizations uses Voyant Tools and Many Eyes to produce interactive graphical analyses of “The Heart of the Matter.”

Voyant Tools Visualizations:

Corpus Summary (click for larger image)

Voyant Corpus Summary

Collocate Clusters (click to interact)
Finds collocates for words and displays links between them using a force directed graph. It shows term frequencies in proximity to keyword. It is a visualization and shows a web of terms.

Bubbles (click for larger image)
Reads the words in a document (or corpus) and displays the highest frequency words within proportionately large bubbles.
Voyant Bubbles Tool

Many Eyes Visualizations:

Word Tree (“Click to interact” to explore the word tree (insert an initial word to search for); larger interactive version.)

Phrase Net (“Click to interact” to explore the phrase net; larger interactive version.)

Visualization Set #2

Set #2 uses Gephi to visualize a preliminary “topic model” of 14 documents (including “The Heart of the Matter” report) sampled from the 4Humanities WhatEvery1Says corpus of public statements about the humanities. (This topic model is currently too preliminary to be used for substantive analytical study of the documents; it is now a prototype designed only to develop the methods for a future fuller topic model of the WhatEvery1Says corpus. See fuller explanation of this topic model, including appendix of materials explaining the idea of topic modeling.)

Gephi visualization of trial WhatEvery1Says topic model






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