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Advocacy statements, examples of the importance of the humanities, and news about the past, present, and future of the humanities: 4Humanities provides a platform for endorsing the importance of research, teaching, innovation, and creative renewal in the history, language, literature, philosophy, the study of cultures, and other areas that help society focus on human values and needs.

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Why Should Undergrads Major in the Humanities? A Couple of Cartoons Offer Advice

Cartoon characters Libby and Art are now defending the humanities on Twitter @SmartColleges against complaints that humanities degrees do not offer stable employment. “Libby” is an auburn-haired student who juggles several books and a backpack slung to one shoulder and Art is a college counselor who wears framed glasses and a tweed jacket with elbow patches.

“Students: Study the Humanities” Video

“Students: Study the Humanities” — a short video produced by the Student Advocates for the Future of the Humanities group (StuHum): An affiliate of 4Humanities, StuHum is a student-led group whose mission includes “reaching out to other students using social media, short video and articles” in order to “communicate the importance of the humanities in […]

Museums in the Digital Age

On Thursday, July 17th, the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities will host a lecture by Professor Martin Roth, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, titled “Ukiyo-e to Emoji: Museums in the Digital Age.” The event is free and open to all, although the organizers suggest you register to guarantee you get a seat and […]

The Arts and Humanities Are Alive and Well — Just Watch the Millennials

By Christine Henseler Note: This post originally appeared in The Huffington Post. The arts and humanities might be going through a rough patch, but if you ask the Millennials they can tell you that disciplines such as classical music, visual art and fiction are alive and well. You may not find them living and breathing in […]

Open Letter on Net Neutrality

This letter was originally posted on the Association for Computers and the Humanities’ (ACH) website: The ACH has also posted a list of links and resources on net neutrality, including what you can do: 29 April 2014 Dear FCC Chairman Wheeler; We write as leaders of 25 major professional societies, boards, committees, and publications, […]