Host a Creativity Contest Workshop For Your Students!


Instructors and education leaders: would you like to use the Shout Out for the Humanities student contest to engage your students in creative thinking about the humanities and liberal arts?

Organize a local “creativity workshop” for your students to launch submissions for the contest. This could be an innovative way to bring your students together with your faculty in a roll-up-your-sleeves way to work together on an expansive, important problem that can inspire concrete projects.  Think of this as a kind of hands-on seminar.

Use our Contest Kit to get your students going. The kit includes quick definitions of the humanities and suggestions for formats, resources, and production tools—including digital tools. Or provide your own ideas and materials for your students. pledges to showcase on its Web site the results of your students’ creativity workshop, whether they are prize winners or not. We’ll do so in a way that gathers them together on a page for your institution. So show off the creativity of your students. Take pictures at your event and perhaps make some videos too that we can show!

Also, think about adding local incentives for your students. Raise local funds or donations of fun gifts so that you can award small prizes for the best student submissions from your community before they are sent on to the contest. Even token prizes or certificates for your students would be great incentives! designed its contest with a long lead time (announcement of the contest one year before the submission deadline) to allow your local educational and civic leaders to organize events that exploit the contest as a platform for your students’ creativity. Get your students involved! Create lesson plans around the contest. Show your student submissions to your educational leaders and city leaders! Then show them to the world on the site.

Contact us at if you have questions.

Organizations Hosting Student “Creativity Workshops” for the Contest (in-progress)

Organizations and communities currently planning student creativity workshops for the Shout Out For the Humanities contest include the following: (in progress)

We will add to the above list as we hear from educators who are planning events to incubate student contest submissions. Contact us at if you want to run a workshop.

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