Shout Out for the Humanities

Dear Students . . .

The submission deadline (March 1, 2016) for the “Shout Out for the Humanities” student prize contest is fast approaching. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student anywhere in the world who values the humanities and think that society should too, please make a submission that tells us why.

How better to advocate for the humanities than to have students tell it in their own words, pictures, videos, songs, online materials, etc.?

We’ll use your submissions to get the news out that society needs a robust, rich mix of fields, disciplines, and values, among which the humanities have a strong role.

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There are separate prizes for undergraduates and graduates. There is a great panel of distinguished judges. We’ll be posting the submissions.


4Humanities is a platform for advocacy of the humanities that draws on the expertise of the international digital humanities community. Digital methods now play a key role in showing why the humanities must be part of any vision of a future society. Viewpoints and projects presented by 4Humanities and its local chapters—statements, videos, infographics, resources, etc.—use today’s means to shout out for the humanities. (More on our mission…)

4Humanities “Shout Out For the Humanities” Student Prize Contest: submission deadline March 1, 2016. Undergraduate (1st: US $1,000 – 2nd: $700 – 3rd: $300) and best graduate student (1st: US $1,000 – 2nd: $700 – 3rd: $300). Submission GuidelinesContest KitJudgesHost a Workshop


One Example of a Shout Out for the Humanities Creativity Workshop

Knowing the Shout Out for the Humanities student contest deadline is fast approaching—March 1, 2016—I led a Creativity Workshop for the UCSB Catalyst literary magazine. The Catalyst is a collective of undergraduate students who produce an incredibly artistic quarterly publication. They are led and organized by one professor and graduate student each year; Brian Donnelly and Jeremy Chow are the respective leaders this year who generously allowed me to lead the workshop during one of their regular meetings.

The following is an example of what a Creativity Workshop can look like, which any workshop hosts are welcome to freely adapt.

The Importance of Mission and STEAM in Business Today

As a Not-For-Profit Administrator I was often plagued by the assumption from For-Profit Business Professionals that our work was substandard to their own, that by virtue of the title we were an inferior business model. Even our Presidential Race echoes this sentiment with people supporting Donald Trump because he is seen as a successful business executive that can get the country back on track financially. The question I would ask these business professionals is: “What is the mission of Capitalism, and how will it react to a marketplace that is evolving faster than ever before”?

Humanities for Sale: Proving the Value of Humanities in an Age of Sky Rocketing Tuition Fees.

The humanities are dying.

At least, that’s what we see from college statistics, and what we hear from various sources of outcry. One of these sources is William Deresiewicz, ex-Yale professor and author of the book Excellent Sheep. Deresiewicz claims that arts and humanities are being pushed out by more “practical” majors, such as economics.