4Humanities@NY6 is a chapter at the New York Six, a consortium of liberal arts schools consisting of Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St. Lawrence University and Union College.

An Invitation to NY6 Event, “Don’t Leave School Without It: Millennial Innovators Speak For the Role of the Arts & Humanities in the Transformation of Society”

Arts and Humanities: Don’t Leave School Without Them. This is not the advice most-often heard among college students. We all know not to leave school without a plan, a skill-set, a career path, but without the Arts and Humanities? Why not? This half-day, interactive conference and workshop addresses this question, and explores the hidden, essential value of the Arts and Humanities to our contemporary society.

Donna Davenport and Katherine Walker / NY6 Think Tank, “A Duet from the Humanities: Music and Dance Voices”

With Donna dancing and Katherine making music, the following duet presents a bi-disciplinary reflection on the complexity of the performing arts in higher education and their connection to the Humanities as a way of thinking, studying, and experiencing the world. But first we take a peek backstage. STAGE PREP As if art were ice cream, […]

NY6Think Tank Leaders to Meet on Friday, Oct. 17th, 2014

The NY6Think Tank Leaders—Katherine Walker (Hobart and William Smith), Michael Arnush and Janet Sorensen (Skidmore), Georgia Frank (Colgate), Mary Jane Smith (St. Lawrence), Brent Plate and Barbara Gold (Hamilton) and Christine Henseler (Union)–will be gathering for a 3-hour meeting on Friday, October 17th, at the beautiful, Union College owned Adirondack Center. Their goal is to […]

Katherine Walker / NY6Think Tank, On Being a “Growing-Up,” or Why We Need the Humanities

« A Humanities, Plain & Simple Post » In the beginning, we are all very small. But we grow—-perpetually, imperceptibly—-and as we grow, our world grows with us. Little by little it grows to include grandma, dirt, chocolate, playgrounds, friends, two-wheelers, books and movies, and on and on until we reach adulthood. Should it stop […]