International Correspondents

While 4Humanities began with participants and local chapters in Anglophone countries, it seeks to extend its scope and audience to other nations. To that end, 4Humanities International Correspondents are humanities researchers from non-Anglophone nations that report on events, policies, statements, and issues relating to the state of the humanities or advocacy for the humanities in the correspondent’s country. Sponsorship for these international correspondent positions during 2011-13 came from the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH), the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC), and the Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the Arts (CIRCA).

Interview with Roy Ascott

By Eva Kekou, 4Humanities International Correspondent I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing artist and theorist Roy Ascott, President of the Planetary Collegium, and DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts in Beijing DeTao Masters Academy. Eva Kekou: In all biographies and articles I have read about you, you have been defined as the one who “brought together […]

Interview with Sue Gollifer

By Eva Kekou, 4Humanities International Correspondent Sue Gollifer has been a professional artist, printmaker, and lecturer for more than thirty years. She has exhibited her work worldwide and her work has been collected by major international public institutions. The interview that follows gives us more information about her work and activities. Eva Kekou: Hello Sue! […]

Diversidad y experiencia: Una entrevista con Daniel O’Donnell

Julia Maciel translates into Spanish an abridged version of Ernesto Priego’s interview with Daniel O’Donnell about the Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities project. Traducción de Julia Maciel de la entrevista con Daniel O’Donnell.