Effective advocacy of the humanities to society requires the robust participation of the humanities community and others from the areas of education, government, business, science, and media industries who believe in the value of maintaining a strong role for the humanities in the overall repertory of perspectives that help society advance.

4Humanities offers resources—research, statistics, tools, best practices, and other materials—to assist in thinking carefully about the humanities and developing humanities advocacy. These resources include both those created by 4Humanities itself and those gathered from elsewhere.

Should Digital Humanities Support “New” or “Old” Humanities?

In a searching reflection on the fact that most digital humanities projects focus on research topics (great writers, archives, etc.) prior to 1850, Andrew Prescott wonders what is the proper balance in the digital humanities between reinforcing old and new understandings of the humanities? Prescott, who is Professor of Digital Humanities at King’s College London […]

#RedHD Entrevista con Elika Ortega

Nuestro corresponsal internacional Ernesto Priego entrevista a Elika Ortega, candidata al doctorado en Estudios Hispánicos en la Universidad de Western Ontario.

#RedHD Interview with Elika Ortega

4Humanities international correspondent Ernesto Priego interviews Elika Ortega, a PhD candidate at the University of Western Ontario and member of the Cultural Complexity and Digital Humanities lab.

#RedHD: Interview with Isabel Galina

4Humanities international correspondent Ernesto Priego interviews Isabel Galina, president of the Mexican Network of Digital Humanists, and researcher at the Bibliographic Research Institute, UNAM, Mexico.

#RedHD: Entrevista con Isabel Galina

Ernesto Priego, corresponsal internacional de 4Humanities, entrevista a Isabel Galina, presidenta de la Red de Humanistas Digitales e investigadora del Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas de la UNAM.

1er Encuentro de Humanistas Digitales, México

[For an English language version of this post, please click here]. El 17 y 18 de mayo de 2012 la Red de Humanistas Digitales (RedHD) celebró el 1er Encuentro de Humanistas Digitales en la Biblioteca Vasconcelos, en la Ciudad de México. Este encuentro  fue realmente el primer evento académico de su tipo en México, introduciendo […]